The Perfect Gift

Our Story

 I give thanks, Praise and Glorification to the Creator for blessing me to be able to have this online store, for granting me the opportunity to share with others the beauty of the things He has blessed us to make and the Joy they awaken in our Hearts.

SKAA’s Place is my way of providing special and unique gifts that others can gift to Family, Friends, and Acquaintances, Gifts that say, I Care, Respect and Honor who you are. As a child, I enjoyed receiving gifts, the feeling of joy I felt was wonderful, and I always wanted to share the joy I felt with others. I knew then as I know now that gifting to others is a way of life for me.

I was blessed to open my first gift store when I was 29 years old, then in 2000, my desire to gift my daughter with a handmade paper birthday card encouraged me to pursue developing a business, I was blessed again to open an on-line gift store. On April 16, 2013,  my daughter died, my gift was gone, I closed the online business.

During the recovery from my lost gift, I found the greatest gift was being gifted with an awesome child, the 44 years we spent together was a gift,  the laughter, the tears, the hugs, so many gifts, I was aware that we are always being gifted, so I was blessed again to open this on-line store, in Honor and Respect of my daughter, who always encouraged me to “keep gifting beautiful things.”

So, welcome to SKAA’s Place, where you can purchase beautiful items that you can gift to someone that can make their Joy Visible.

Enjoy Your Journey, be at Peace with Yourself, always give Thanks.

Thank You…One Love...Sayy