Love Relates

Greeting of Love and Harmony…  A week ago, just sitting and looking out the window at the trees, I glance back and looked around me, where was I, this space that I’m in?  Suddenly I was awakened fully to a conscious awareness, I was in “LOVE” I was fully charged with this light energy.

I was inspired to know that “Love” is a feeling that emanates from within, a fully charge conscious knowing that you are loved because you have a relationship with “Love” a connection with “Love.” I knew I belong here, there was a purpose for my being here,  just the way I was, I do not have to look for love or beg to be loved, I knew that “I am always Loved.”

The journey into self-continues, connect with that inner love and know without a doubt, “You Are Always Loved”

One Love


The Challenges we encounter on our Journey seem so plentiful, yet these Challenges are the bearer of immeasurable Blessings.

“Your Journey Into Self” is about using your life challenges as a way of rediscovering your “True Self.” Challenges can be solved, to find the solution we have to go within ourselves to be awakened and remember who we are, hence gaining a greater awareness of our connection with the Creator.

Your Future is Your Past Redefined In The Present

Self-Knowledge Achieves Awareness

Be Well, Be Blessed, One Love

Be Your Best

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are”...  Theodore Roosevelt

“Do all you can with what you have in the time you have in the place you are”…Nkosi Johnson… (12 yr old Zulu boy, his Keynote speech at the 13th International Aids Conference)